Existentialism is my philosophical base in my work and life because it speaks to what matters so vitally to me: seeking truth and living a life of meaning in our finite time on earth. Often my work is dedicated to the examination and action required to live more aligned with truth, authenticity, and choice in the freedom-responsibility continuum. While I like to explore philosophical and emotional terrain, I am a pragmatic person and hold that individual choices determine the quality of our lives and the society we create. We cannot at once sink into complacency or hide from what we fear, yet also live our most expansive lives. 

I often think, what if we understood our mortality despite our attempts to deny it? What choices would we make right now? What would we say and do to live such virtues as honesty, wisdom, courage, and justice? How would we demonstrate that we are the person we want to face in the mirror? What relationship repairs would we not delay? 

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree Majoring in Literature and Minoring in Counselling and Human Development, and certificates in Life Coaching, Complicated Grief Therapy, and Internal Family Systems Therapy. Before beginning as a coach and therapist I was a Certified Human Resources Professional specializing in group training and executive coaching.